Oral surgery and Periodontology Oral surgery and Periodontology

Oral surgery and periodontology

The periodontium is the supporting pillar of the tooth and inflammation of this tissue is known as periodontitis. Periodontitis is often caused by bacteria. Its symptoms include bleeding, swelling, pain and redness of gingiva (gums). If left untreated, the bacteria may penetrate deeper, destroying the supporting tissues of the teeth, which eventually leads to withdrawal of the gums and tooth loss.

The periodontium is best protected and preserved by the removal of dental calculus (tartar) regularly (at least once every six months).

In collaboration with the oral surgeon, we perform minor surgical procedures such as tooth resection or apicotomy, tooth alveotomy, remodeling of the dental ridge to accommodate dentures, extraction of the incorrectly placed wisdom teeth etc. In addition, tooth scaling and flap surgery are performed in collaboration with a specialist in periodontology.